The home of the 3.6 litre turbo diesel engine

Taking the TD40 appart

I bought the TD40 at late summer 2008 from a friend. I didnt run the engine before the purchase but my friend said that it runs well. It has runned for 380000 km.

When I got it home.

Started the disassembling in this order: fan, waterpump 

Below the turbo you can see the giantic oilcooler.


The oil cooler removed, I got a smaller so this one will not be fitted again.

The propeller taken of, yes propeller, this engine dont have a fan it has a propeller.

Waterpump, pullys and hydraulic pump taken off

Here you can see the air pump below the HP diesel pump. I plan to use it for on board air, if I can fitt it.

 Left side stripped

The mighty Holset 1HC still in place

The cylinderhead (deckel) removed. It looks really god black but Ive seen worse.

Cylinderhead and valves look good also. No cracks.

I milled of ~4mm on the injector side of the cylinderhead.

Made a fuxture to be able to work more easy on the cylinder head

The work on the cylinder head has begun, but there is more work yet.

I hve tried to read about porting a diesel and there is a discussion if

it makes any difference, I will make my ports smoth and clean.