The home of the 3.6 litre turbo diesel engine


21/05/2009 21:53

Even more

Some more frame work done. The front hanger on the left side is finished


12/05/2009 23:26

Frame work

More pics on the rame added


09/05/2009 23:17

Started on rear suspension.

Some fresh pics on the work on the rear suspension.


09/05/2009 22:31

Fixed Valves

At last some progress, the vales are polished and grinded. Ready to be mounted in the cylinder head. Pics


25/04/2009 23:13

Time flyes then your having fun

The renovation has to stand back for awile. I'm an outdoor mechanic and now is time to work on the rig. As soon the is any progress Ill post some pics.


05/02/2009 23:40

Bigger pics

I have changed the layout a little, I decided to make the pics a little bigger. If you have any responce wright a massage on the bord on the mainpage!


05/02/2009 23:35

Johns suburban

Once again I happy to be able to show pics from an TD40 setup. This time its Johns Suburban. Enjoy!


27/01/2009 22:55


Added some usefull links about TD40 and 4x4.


27/01/2009 22:09

Uffes Silverado

I'm glad to be able to add an other TD40 project to the site. This time its Uffes Chevrolet K1500 Silverado -88. Lots of pics! Thanks Uffe :-)


18/01/2009 23:16

More stuff

Added a video under "My projects/Jimmy 6.2" Also added a forum and I hope to get some input about improvent of the page.