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My projects

My previous rig

History: The idea is to rebuild it to a road worthy 4x4 truck. My previus rig was a GMC Jimmy 6.2 -83, it was a nice truck but it had some pros and cons. Pros, relative short wheelbase, mechanical diesel engine, easy to find part. Cons: wrong axles D44 and 14 BSF with 3:73 gears, wrong...


My JEEP J20 Renovation step 1

After selling the Jimmy I brought a JEEP J20 early in 2008 as a new project rig. As you can see its a "project", lots of work. bought the rig early in 2008. Some facts: JEEP J20 -77 Engine: AMC 360 Transmission Borg Wagner T18 Transfercase Dana 20 Axles Dana44/Dana60 (4:88) As you can see there...


Taking the TD40 appart

I bought the TD40 at late summer 2008 from a friend. I didnt run the engine before the purchase but my friend said that it runs well. It has runned for 380000 km. When I got it home. Started the disassembling in this order: fan, waterpump  Below the turbo you can see the giantic oilcooler. ...


Putting it together.

After a long time the assembling has begun. Just got the valves back from grinding, locks really nice. The polishing I did my self, but the grinding was done by Vicke.  


My JEEP J20 Renovation step 2

I have started working on the rig. Since I'm a outdoor mechanic I had to wait for summer and some nice weather.   Main issue is to fix the rear suspension. The project includes moving leafs from being on the side of the frame to be under the frame. This is that it looked from the...