The home of the 3.6 litre turbo diesel engine

Here is Uffes silverado 1500 pickup -88.

Uffe uses the SMT adapter kit for mating a GM th700r4 to the TD40. The uses includes

new flexplate for a MB300d starter.

For fit the bolts need to be grided down alittle.

The MB starter needs more space!

Uffe is not gonna use the air compressor so he made a cover plate.


The oil pump is gear driven and is located in the front of the engine.On some rigs its

necessary to rebuild the oil pan so it more shallow in the front and move the oil pickup

towards the rear. A dropped pitman arm is also a good thing.


Uffes version of moving the oil pickup. Its nessesary to have plate that fixate the pickup

and stop vibrations.

Two welded fitting makes the bend

The modded oil pan, IH style.


Welding finished.

Testing for fit. Normally its not possible to use a mechanical fan, an electric fan is the solution.

Removing some metal for easier access.

After removal of the metal its easier to put the engine in.

There is some space on the sides!

Here you can see the SMT adaptor plate.

The mighty Holset turbo charger.

The TD40 has its motor mount far to the front and on the clutch cover from factory.

Uffe has started to make his own. 

The motor mount in place, the cut out is for the oil filter holder.