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My JEEP J20 Renovation step 2

I have started working on the rig. Since I'm a outdoor mechanic I had to wait for summer and some nice weather.


Main issue is to fix the rear suspension. The project includes moving leafs from being on the side of the frame to be under the frame.

This is that it looked from the beginning.


Rear hanger.

Cut out the pice of the frame where the front fixing point was.

I want to have a straight surface for the new bracket.

Metal plates fitted and welded in holes. The first pice of the leaf hanger

pre welded in place. Observe the bar that goes between the hangers.

The bar is for getting the hangers straight.

There is a gap between the frame and the hanger to the rear, that because

the fram is wider in the middle and more narrow at the end. The plan is to

put a small piece of steel in the gap and then weld it together.

Boxed the frame a little for some additional strength.

Lots of small pieces needed to make the hanger straight.

 One side finished just need some paint and then the next side.